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Hassan Ameli is an urban researcher, planner, and designer working at the intersection of people, place, and emerging technologies.

Making cities better places for all

With years of academic and professional experience in architecture, urban design, and planning, Hassan recently completed his Ph.D. in Metropolitan Planning, Policy, and Design from the University of Utah, City and Metropolitan Planning Department. For his dissertation, he developed a novel method to automate the measurement of street-level quality of the urban environment by exploring the applications of Artificial Intelligence and computer vision methods. In 2021, he received a dissertation fellowship from National Institute for Transportation and Communities for his Ph.D. proposal.  He received Arthur C Nelson & Clark Ivory Medal for Doctoral Scholarship in 2022.

During his doctoral studies, Hassan was involved in several impactful national and local data-driven urban planning, urban design, and transportation studies as the principal investigator, project lead, or collaborator at Metropolitan Research Center, working closely with Distinguished Professor Reid Ewing. At the same time, he gained valuable teaching experience as a graduate-level instructor, co-instructor, lab instructor, and teaching assistant for nine multidisciplinary courses. 

Along with academic experience, Hassan was actively involved in professional practice working at one of the best firms in Tehran (Darafzin Consulting), Isfahan (Espadan Consultant), Chicago (Cannon Design), and Salt Lake City (Prescott Muir Architects, and GSBS Architects), and Dallas (TBG Partners). He was involved in various phases ranging from schematic design, design development, construction documents, construction administration, and project management.  

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